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From scorching heat...

  • The sleeper of the Sahel

    • In order to ensure its survival in the most barren areas of the Sahel, the Scenedesmus has acquired the property of transitioning into a dormant state when imperiled by its environment. Later, it resumes its activity as soon as the conditions allow it... The incorporation of certain active ingredients derived from this organism into VISOANSKA formulas increases your skin's ATP capital while delivering a wide range of anti-stress and anti-oxidant defense mechanisms.

  • Skin-lifting polysaccharides

    • The molecular association of two polysaccharides extracted from a giant New Zealand fern provides an immediate skin lift. The appearance of fine lines is reduced; results are visible nearly instantly. These polysaccharides also generate long-lasting anti-slackening action. In daily application, they have a smoothing effect on your skin grain, while strengthening dermal tone and firmness.

  • The castal weed

    • Clinging to rocky cliffs, sea fennel is subject to perpetual thermal upheavals: at times scorched by the sun or whipped by the waves, gusts of wind and sea spray, and at other times plunged underwater. Its stem cells have the power to regulate our pigmentation disorders and our cellular renewal for stronger, more radiant and better-toned skin. artic cold.