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A food supplement has been created to work in synergy with our

Day Formulas

  • Baobab red funicles
    • Sometimes reaching up to twenty-five meters in height and a twelve-meter span over one thousand years, the Baobab is a giant tree with self-regenerating fiber. Our researchers have uncovered in its red fiber an exceptional percentage of anti-oxidant agents, sixty-five times more effective than vitamin C.
  • - Vitamin E
    • Liposoluble vitamin, essential to proper stabilizatoin of cellular membranes, to maintaining the activity of certain enzymes, to the aggregation of blood platelets and to the protection of red blood cells and cells against oxidizing substances (e.g. free radicals).
  • - Selenium
    • One of the most widely used minerals in supplementation, known for its role in reducing oxidative stress.  Selenium in its organic form was also proven to be more effective in its functions than inorganic selenium salts, mainly thanks to better bio-availability.
  • - Lutein
    • is a carotenoid deposited in the "macula lutea", or the "yellow spot" near the center of the retina.  It protects retinal cells with its anti-oxidant properties and its capacity to filter blue and UV light.
  • - Coenzyme Q10
    • Also referred to as CoQ10 or Ubiquinone, this substance is similar to a vitamin and essential to the body's proper functioning.  CoQ10 is naturally found in all human cells and ensures the body's energy production.  Due to its anti-oxidant role, it also protects the cells against the destructive effects of free radicals.

  • - Apple polyphenols
    • Polyphenols have anti-oxidant properties that are even more effective than those of vitamins C and E.  Cider apples contain hydroxycinnamic acid and flavonoid compounds such as phloridzine, a particularly active ingredient that cannot be found in other plants such as grapes.  Results from in-vitro studies on the gene expression of aged dermal fibroblasts show the effectiveness of apple polyphenols in the prevention of skin aging.

  • - Lithothamnium algae
    • Marine alga with a natural concentration of seawater calcium.  The remarkable bio-availability of the marine calcium derived from Lithotamnium makes it a highly assimilable natural supplement without side effects thanks to its easy elimination.

  • - Fucus
    • Marine alga with a naturally high content of vitamin D.  Working in synergy with Lithotamnium, works to boost calcium assimilation.

  • - Dunaliella Salina algae
    • Lagoonal aga with a particularly high concentration of natural beta-carotene, which helps prepare skin for the sun.  Activates and maintains an even tan and luminous skin, brining the benefits of anti-oxidant carotenoid together with vitamin C and E action.
  • - Vitamin C
    • Anti-oxidants, and more specifically vitamin C, prevent or slow down the formation of free radicals (under the effect of oxygen, sunlight or pollution), which cause damage in the skin.
  • - Maté extracts
    • Maté comes from a wild species of a South American holly.  First consumed during various rituals and ceremonies, maté is today part of the diet for many local populations.  It is of interest as a food supplement to those who respect both their digestion and blood circulation.  Invigorating and fresh, maté is very helpful in fighting against fatigue.
  • - Cranberry extracts
    • Cranberries are native to marshlands and grow in Nordic climates, such as for example in Canada.  They boast exceptionally high pectin and vitamin C content, which enables toning action.

The formula is thus complete, for total exogenous and endogenous action, with anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidant effects. These rejuvenating tablets arrest the harmful effects of pollution and oxidative stress. Their innovative formula combines red baobab fiber, exceptionally concentrated in anti-oxidant agents, with plant extracts particularly rich in polyphenols, vitamins and trace elements that combat free radicals (algae, lutein, selenium and coenzyme Q10). Invigorating and energizing yerba mate and cranberry extracts reinforce this protective action.

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