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The peptides most involved

in cellular renewal.

To reactivate the natural production of the vital components of your dermis, such as collagen and laminin, and inhibit the enzymes responsible for their destruction, we have synthesized the most effective anti-wrinkle peptides.

  • The peptide club

    • Imagine your skin to be like the pages of a book incessantly being erased and rewritten. Hexapeptide-10, tetrapeptide-3, oligopeptide, tripeptide-2 and tripeptide-1 are biotechnological active ingredients that contribute, each in its own way, to rewrite this book.Together, they also work to preserve the original edition, i.e. your skin’s youthfulness. The adventures of these peptides are quite complicated, whether in regards to helping with cellular cohesion, fighting off the aldehydes, stimulating collagen, synthesizing proteoglycans or inhibiting trypsine.However, their action on your skin, which is suddenly smooth, firmand radiant, is none the less visible with a naked eye.

  • Anti-dark circles tetrapeptide

    • Glycation, a reaction between a sugar and a protein, generates other proteins which can be neither destroyed nor released. These proteins accumulate in your cells, clogging them up and resulting in accelerated tissue aging. Acetyl tetrapeptide-5 inhibits this process, thereby optimizing the skin’s elasticity and hydration. The most striking property of this synthetic active ingredient is a visible reduction in undereye puffiness and dark circles in only two weeks.