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Our vision of luxury is based on the strength of our commitments and the intrinsic quality of our products


Because we dream of a 21st century thrived by an eco-friendly lifestyle that does not compromise on quality,

Because we thirst for getting back to basics without forsaking effectiveness,

Because we want to advocate a global consumer awareness,

VISOANSKA committed to conform its products to the brand’s NATURAL LUXURY CODE which guarantees you: 


1. Groundbreaking formulations with proven effectiveness

  • Face care creams and nutritional supplements, dermatological treatment and biotechnological peptides, molecules derived from extreme nature and ancestral remedies… VISOANSKA has resolutely refused division because our century will thrive on leading-edge technology, shared knowledge, age-old traditions and undisturbed nature.

  • In order to jointly target all the factors of cutaneous aging identified to date, we have developed an exclusive synergy of active ingredients that make deep-down changes in your skin’s behavior in face of the damaging effects of time, and help regenerate your entire body.

  • The high effectiveness of its products results from the unparalleled concentration of innovative active ingredients they contain.  All its products have been rigorously tested and each allegation and results have been scientifically proven by independent laboratories.

  • Recognized "Innovative company" by OSEO in 2008, VISOANSKA has stood out more than one of its competitors thanks to its specific daily care packaging that had been awarded the Oscar de l'Emballage 2007 (a french Oscar for packaging).

2. Ethical towards environment

  • Ecology and luxury are sometimes seen as opposite concepts, the first one represents a reduction in consumption and resource management, while the other  represents a quest for the perfection at no matter what cost, pleasure and opulence often characterized by a disregard of quantities and costs of materials used.

    From the beginning, the aim of the VISOANSKA brand was to coexist in a perfect harmony within both ecological and luxury environments, bringing more environmental responsibility to luxury and more luxury experience to ecological products. This approach set up in 2005 made the brand a pioneer in eco-luxury cosmetics.

  • Given the emergency of the ecological crisis that threatens our century, and the disappearance of some ecosystems, Visoanska has committed to protect the biodiversity of fauna and flora. Fully subscribing to the principles of green chemistry, the brand has recourses to active and production process that respect the environment.
    Within this commitment of low environmental impact, we choose to work in close relationship with raw materials manufacturers who are engaged in policy management and continuous improvement of industrial facilities, for the sake of preservation of the environment (saving water and electricity, recycling, gardens filter for waste water recycling etc...).

  • In addition, to continue in its commitment to reduce the environmental impact, Visoanska uses only gentle extraction methods of plants (with little energy, no solvents nor fertilizers nor pesticides) to preserve biodiversity. Those methods must be aligned with VISOANSKA's "Natural Luxury Code". In particular, it uses supercritical CO2 extraction that allows to obtain high quality natural ingredients without impacting on the environment. Visoanska also promotes the stem cells plant cultures to prevent the abuse of wild plants and preserve biodiversity. This type of active ingredients does not require crop harvesting nor material transport.

  • Furthermore, the company gives advantage to the raw ingredients suppliers that help local communities and support local farming. For example, one of VISOANSKA's oil suppliers is a member of Phytotrade Africa’s mission. PhytoTrade Africa is actively engaged in efforts to develop Fair trade labelling standards for indigenous products produced in rural Africa.

  • Company’s raw ingredients suppliers must also be engaged in ecological management and continuous improvement of industrial installations in order to preserve the environment: saving water and electricity, gardens filter for recycling wastewater, ecologically clean drying method, reflection on carbon footprint and waste management, etc. Concrete actions with its eco-friendly approach.

  • Finally, VISOANSKA’s environmental impact is reduced by limiting printing, by using untreated paper for all marketing materials and by using recyclable, biodegradable packaging and an eco-citizen engagement every day.

  • This is the importance that the brand gives to its Ecological Luxury approach.

3. Ethical towards the consumer

  • An ecological conscience is growing in consumers’ mind and at the same time they are looking for even more sophisticated products. They want more effective treatments, with immediate and long term results and high quality ingredients.  They don’t want to compromise on the effectiveness of products and the quality of their contents.

    To satisfy the needs of its clients Visoanska retained all the attributes of a luxury product such as high quality ingredients mastered by latest cutting-edge biotechnologies, marvelous textures and perfumes, beautiful packaging and visuals, a touch of glamour, personalized advice… and removed everything that could be potentially harmful to the health and the environment. In a word, Visoanska developed a luxury cosmetic range based on green chemistry.

    From the early beginning, the company chose to use the most efficient natural active ingredients or ingredients that are naturally present in the skin (like peptides), to provide you with outstanding biological protection, mechanisms to increase the longevity of your cells and ways to improve cells’ ability to repair their own genetic deficiencies. Each product contains up to 13 patented technologies and 34 specific active ingredients which represent up to 86% of the product. The concentration of active ingredient is identical to the optimal % proven in scientific studies.

4. Natural

  • To protect both your skin and the planet’s ecosystems VISOANSKA chose to rule out from their formulas any raw material that could be harmful for the skin or for the biodiversity. This is why the brand has blacklisted more than 150 doubtful ingredients such as mineral oils, parabens, silicones, PEG, etc… Furthermore, 100 % of active ingredients are natural or naturally present in the skin.

5. Transparency

  • Founded on ethical standards of quality and transparency, the brand is committed to serve a clientele of informed connoisseurs looking for avant-garde, exclusive cosmetics that are above all…effective. This is also one of the reasons why each allegation and results have been scientifically proven by independent laboratories.
    Clear Information, No Marketing Gimmicks.


To respect your skin,
To respect your needs,
To respect our shared vision of a chic but conscious lifestyle


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