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In order to create this product range, I had to rethink the concept of anti-aging care. Because our life expectancy is considerably longer. Because our modes of consumption involve an ever-growing desire for natural products and leading-edge technology. Because the preservation of our youth capital has become a demand, incessantly sharpened by our growing knowledge of skin care.

Aren’t our wildest aspirations often the most tenacious? The most legitimate?

I wanted to provide a different, effective and long-lasting solution; it became my responsibility. By systematically giving priority to scientific performance. By committing, at all costs, to uncompromising ethics. By developing, with my team of researchers, a synergy of natural-origin active ingredients with an impact on our entire organism. By finding a way to change dermal behavior on a molecular scale in order to provide it, on a daily basis, with the strength to resist time.

Training your skin to spontaneously control all the factors of cutaneous aging identified to date. Teaching it to preserve, season after season, the radiance of its youth. Such is the ambition of the product range that now bears my name.

I dedicate it to women for whom youthfulness is more than just appearance, to those who refuse to compromise between natural products and leading-edge technology, to the most demanding of my peers.

Elisabeth Visoanska

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