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Cutting-edge of technological innovations 

Only extensive R&D can lead to the great results obtained by use of our products, and only a company at the forefront of technological and conceptual innovation is able to market outstanding products that truly distinguish themselves from the numerous other players in the cosmetics market.

1 / Formulas hyper concentrated in active ingredients

The concentration of innovative ingredients that fully contribute to the effectiveness of our products, reaches an unparalleled proportion with up to 86% of active ingredients per formula. This percentage represents a number of specific active ingredients from 23 to 34 per formula, which have been incorporated at their optimal dose for effectiveness.

2 / 30 patents in our skincare range

At the forefront of cosmetology, our researchers have created 30 patents that guarantee the effectiveness of our formulas. Here is a brief description of some of the most outstanding patents:

• discovery of molecules with unprecedented effectiveness against identified skin disorders (hyperpigmentation, excessive production of sebum, sagging skin ...)

• development of unparalleled new methods of vectorizationthat optimize the activity of molecules.

• association of various molecules in order to multiply their performance.

• encapsulation of molecules to maximize the duration of their effectiveness.

• development of new preservative systems.

• creation of new peptides with targeted actions.

• isolation of plant stem cells.

3 / A tremendously ambitious blacklist

Driven by our wish to develop products that are the most natural possible, we have banned from our formulas raw materials that we consider harmful to the skin or the environment.

These blacklisted raw materials are however present in most skincare products on the market. The restrictions linked to the non-use of blacklisted materials highly limit the field research and formulation and thus complicate the development of formulas.

Blacklisted molecules:

Benzoates/benzophenones, BHT (Butyl-HydroxyToluene), Formaldehyde and molecules that release formaldehydes, Diazolidinyl Urea, Diethanolamine, Silicones, Colors (FD&C Colours), Hydroquinone, Hydroxymethylglycinate, Imidazalidol urea, Lanolin, Laureth, EDTA, Compounds containing chlorine, Aluminum and Ammonium, Compounds derived from petrochemicals, Mineral oils, Monoethanolamine, Chemical sunscreen (PABA, Ethylhexylmethoxycinamate…), Synthetic perfumes, PEG, Phtalates, PVP, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Parabens and phenoxyethanol, Triclosan, Triethanolamine

4 / No preservatives

VISOANSKA products are formulated using a patented technology that allowsus to develop cosmetic products without blacklisted preservatives (such asparabens or phenoxyethanol). The development of these formulas is complex as these productscontain a large number of vegetal ingredients, making them more susceptible to microbial contamination.

5 / Rare and exclusive active ingredients

VISOANSKA products result from years of extensive research and capitalize on specific active ingredients:

• Natural ingredients issued from rare plants that grow in extreme environments and possess extraordinary abilities.

• New molecules developed through the use of biotechnology.

6 / Extreme Nature mastered by biotechnology

Biotechnology is used to isolate active ingredients from plants living in extreme environments. Thanks to biotechnology, researchers are able to break the molecular compound of a plant to extract specific molecules known to have a beneficial effect on the skin, and to remove harmful molecules (such as allergens) or those which are unnecessary.

The advantages of utilizing biotechnology compared to conventional techniques are:

• Isolated molecules are much more concentrated and effective.

• Isolating molecules avoids the side effects associated with the use of certain plants.

7 / Exclusive patented complexes

VISOANSKAgathered only natural ingredients to create a complex with anti-radical, anti-oxidant, anti-ageing and protective properties in order to teach the skin how to stay young. VISOANSKAmainly sought active ingredients from extreme environments,as these plants have developed an ability to adapt to harsh environmental conditions. A study was therefore conducted to select ingredients with such properties. Initially, fifty plants were retained. These latter were then challenged with VISOANSKA’s blacklistedingredients and many of them were removed from the selection. At the end of the study, groups of ingredients with complementary and not antagonistic properties were selected and two complexes formulated:


  • Our exclusive ComplexeLongévitéExtrême, the fruit of VISOANSKA's biotechnology, fights the causes of skin aging on a molecular level, and naturally increases the lifespan of the cells. It is formulated with a botanical rice extract, rich in sirtuin modulator peptides to help stimulate cells longevity genes, a Tibetan plant with astonishing adaptability and resistance to thermal stress, and energy molecules derived from amino acids naturally present in the body. This complex has an anti-ageing action, protects the skin from external aggressions, reinforces and accelerates the healing process and evens out the complexion.


  • This exclusive complex, offers the skin intense regeneration and natural protection by reinforcing the energy stored in its cells. A precious shield against environmental stress, this complex is developed from stem cells of plants living under hydric stress, and from Sahel plankton subject to extremely arid and sunny conditions. It is further enhanced by a peptide derived from a micro-organism with the ability to survive at the bottom of glaciers, as well as by energy molecules derived from amino acids naturally present in the body. This complex stimulates the longevity of genes and improves the micro relief of the skin.

8 / VISOANSKA skincare range features also two innovative services:

• Thanks to four made-to-measure concentrates, VISOANSKA offers a customization of treatment according to the needs, desires and characteristics of the skin.

• The combination of a cream with a nutritional supplement that interact and complement each other in a holistic approach of beauty, in order to treat the skin from the outside and inside. The two in one package help consumers in choosing a solution for their specific needs.

VISOANSKA is a member of the French Association of Cosmetic Manufacturers


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